"...Angell doesn't do wallpaper music. Every track has purpose, intent and quality. A truly impressive arrival from a singer who's worked hard to get here." - Brian Morton, DownBeat Magazine Oct 2019


COVID-19 GoFundMe Page to Support Affected Artists

When all this madness began, everywhere we (in the musical community) looked, we saw each of us losing ALL of our work for the next 2-3 months in the span of just a few days. My incredibly sweet, caring, hilarious, talented friend, Ryan Isaninja Knudsen, immediately said, "what can I do to help?" 

His answer was to create a special episode of his ridiculous and fun podcast, Ryan Is Super Strong - An Inspirational Podcast, to help his past guests (of which, I am one - twice-over!). He reached out to all of his past guests asking us to send a little voice memo talking about how this is affecting us, and how people can find us to support our art, if possible. 


He also created a GoFundMe in conjunction with the episode, with the intention for each of us to split whatever funds are raised. 

A lot of us are literally living $75 gig to $75 gig, and many of us have families to support as well. If you are able, anything you can spare would help, immensely. 

Check out his page, and give this special episode a listen. While you're there, subscribe to his podcast and enjoy the rest of his wonderfully silly episodes!! :)


Thank you, Ryan.....truly, are an incredible human being. (That's my compliment for the Compliment Corner" ;) )